Sunday, March 7, 2010

Were MOVING!!!

I am so excited to tell you were moving out of the house we are in now, to a newer, nicer, all around better house!!
The house were in now is OLD, BIG..but small ( I will explain later) and has no lawn (like our landlords said they would put in, but never did!!!
So how is this house big yet small...Its a five bedroom 2 bath. Its about 1600 sq. ft. BUT the rooms are TINY there is no storage, no counter space in the bathroom its one of those stand alone sinks. In the kitchen there is no pantry, no counter or cupboard space, we have to push the table against the wall when we are not using it so we can walk in the kitchen. (half our kitchen appliances are still in boxes because there is no room for them!) There is only room for one person in the kitchen or else you are bumping elbows with the other person. The downstairs bathroom is bigger then the "master" bathroom. The living room is small and cut off from the other rooms (not an open layout, which I hate!) we couldn't use our coffee table in here because there would be no room to get around it! So instead its a TV stand. 
Its just not a good house unless you could tear it all down and build a new house in its spot!!
Our landlord is far from great. She is nosey, beyond what they should be! She and her husband are getting a divorce so she wants us to be the middle men and talk to him about things, instead of her just calling him!! She calls me and complains about her soon to be ex, and talks about their divorce to me. I could care less about what is going on between you two, please don't tell me about it! She complains about the yard, there is nothing but dirt and weeds (which we have puller numerous times!!) They told us before we moved in that they would be putting grass in...That never happened! But yet she wants us to do something about the yard! Honey thats your job! We are to care for LANDSCAPED areas....we took care of the fruit trees (the fruit was YUMMY) we pulled weeds but were done! If you are not going to stand by what you told us why should we keep pulling weeds every week!?!?
So enough with the ranting and raving. I am so stoked about our new place!! It has 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths! big rooms. A PANTRY!! counter space, cupboard space...everything we do not have in this house!!
Its new (about 1-2 yrs old). It has a garage (which we don't have one now). Its beautiful, I love it!!!
Our property manager has said we can hang pictures (which we can't do here) so our house will become a home with our personalization!! 
We will be moving in around the 2-4th of April. And I just can't wait!!

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