Friday, March 26, 2010

Fill in the _____ Friday

1.  The best piece of advice I was ever given was     by my Dad who always told me to believe in myself, if I did I could accomplish anything I set my heart on doing   .

2.  If I had a million dollars to give to one charity I would give it to     UNICEF .

3.  If I got to choose my "last meal" it would be      King Crab legs, filet mignon, salad with all the toppings!! a baked potato, a few shots of Patron(in remembrance of my brother) Dr. Pepper, and a piece of chocolate cake!  .

4.  My hair is     now BLONDE!!! Although it's not the blonde I wanted but I am going back to get it done again next week!    .

5.  If at first you don't succeed   try try again..and if you still don't succeed EFF it!! LOL No I am kidding. Keep trying until you get it, everything comes with patience and practice!   .

6.  I have always been very     outdoors-y, my dad raised me and we were always hunting, fishing, or ATVing! I pride myself in the stuff my dad has instilled in me as fun! I wouldn't want to be any other way! It is fun and gives us a common ground, we enjoying fishing and hunting (and riding the ATVs) together. I plan on having my dad there when I shoot my first Deer or Elk!!   .

7.  Oh....and by the way....      I can't wait to see if we get this new Dodge Mega cab. Its soooo bad @ss!! Also I can't wait for my dad to come visit   .

Hope you all have a great and wonderful weekend!!!
Be safe out there!!

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