Sunday, March 28, 2010

At just the right time

After an hour of nursing and cuddling I finally got Weston to sleep last night! Score! So I start getting ready for bed, to join my hubby for some cuddling!! Double Score! As I am brushing my teeth, Weston wakes up:: Major bummer!
 So I finish hoping he will just cry himself back to sleep..Not a chance his crying gets LOUDER and more desperate for someone to come and pick him up. And of course mommy caves and goes to pick him up... I swear he has an on/off switch
ON when he is not being held...OFF as soon as you pick him up!! WTH?! 
So I go and lay on the couch with him for about another ten minutes, until I think it is safe to put him to bed again! So as quietly, and as gently as I can I lay him down in his bed...and he doesn't wake. 
AWESOME! I did it!! 
I hurry to bed! Lay down and cuddle with my hubby, I am starting to fall asleep and no sooner do I hear Weston start to cry...
is what I am desperately thinking! 
But to no avail, so once again he gets picked up, this time by daddy. Who more then willingly passes him over to me in our bed. I calm this little monster down and put him back to bed, this time I wrap his blanket around him a little tighter hoping it will make him feel like he is being held. It worked until 3am! and then again until 8:30 this morning. I found my little monster up in his bed playing with his binkie! 
You got to LoVe parenthood and all the awesomeness that comes with it! They always wake up at just the right moment!

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