Wednesday, March 17, 2010


It has been so BEAuttiful outside, I just had to take the kids out for a stroll!! Briley has been dying to ride her bike all winter, and now finally its nice enough to get out there!!! I never thought when it was 50 outside I would be in a tank top and shorts!! 
The snow is gone in our neighborhood...FINALLY!! 
I love this time of year. It isn't too cold, and not too hot.
My handsome lil man enjoyed his ride...can't you tell? :)
Briley got a ouchy, and so we had to cut our outing short. Her foot slipped on her peddle and she cut her heal. But she was such a tough girl, and rode it out!! 
 But as soon as we got home she went into our room and woke up her daddy to tell/show him what happened. She asked me for a princess band-aid...Snow White to be exact. And thats what she got!!
Hope you all have a great day!

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