Sunday, February 28, 2010

Early Bird

This morning Weston decided he wanted to wake up at 6 am. When I was clearly not ready to get up! But here I am on my second cup of coffee, watching him jump in his jumper!!
So the last couple months I have been losing an obscene amount of hair, my husband is constantly complaining that there is hair everywhere. I have to vacuum everyday or every other day to keep up with it! Weston will be on the ground playing and have a bunch of hair in his its not an option not to vacuum everyday!! When I wash my hair a clump will come out, every single time!!! I am so shocked I don't have a bald spot somewhere
Well after talks with my husband and my dad, I called my Dr. He wants me to get some blood work done on Monday. Were going to see if there is anything wrong with my thyroid. I am praying there is nothing wrong with me and its just my crazy hormones from having a baby. I would be lying if I told you I wasn't the least bit scared. I am totally freaked that I could have something wrong with me. I will keep you updated on everything. I just hope there isn't anything to keep you updated on!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I have to one of these

Holy Moly! I just came across this gal today, I love her already!!! She has an amazing Etsy shop check out her shop here!!!
I seriously need one of her scripture covers!!! They are so adorable! It is hard to choose just one that I would want but I think I have picked the one I want:::
This owl CTR cover is just so amazing I have to have one!!!

SEE..I told you it was cute!!!
So family and birthday is coming up (April) if you aren't sure on what to get is a great idea!!!
Hope you all get one for yourselves they are too charming to pass up!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Baby its COLD outside

Doesn't it look cold outside?!?!
Here are some pictures of our fruit tree in the front yard::

Thought you all might like to see the frost on the tree!! I will have to take some first thing in the morning, it has warmed up a bit already today..its 14 outside!!!

Holy icicles!!

This morning while making the beds I thought I should take some pictures of these super sized icicles hanging outside our windows!! Now some of you might think "Oh how fun it would be to live somewhere where it snows"
Well, honestly it stinks. Shoveling the snow everyday it snows is not fun and its hard work especially when it snows more then 2-4 inches!!! I can not wait till it warms up and the snow goes away! I am dreaming about warm weather again!!
I remember when I was a kid, I always wanted to live in a place where it snowed (had 4 seasons, unlike Vegas where it snows once every 5 years!) Well I can honestly say that I would never miss living in a place where it snows this much in the winter. I know it is not as awful here as in other places. But for me it is bad, I try not to go out when the roads are covered, I stay inside where it is nice and warm, and sip hot chocolate!!
We only a have a couple more months of this freezing cold, below 30, miserable, no good weather! And thank goodness for that! I would rather go out fishing, swimming, walking, and running then daydream about it!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Weston finally slept for me last night!!! He woke up twice to eat but thats OK with me!! As long as he went back to sleep in his bed, which he did!! HOORAY!!!
Here are some pics I took of him in the bath the other night:::
It is so much fun to bathe him because he loves to splash in the tub. I can already tell he is going to be a little monster!! LOL He is the most adorable baby boy! Just look at that smile, how can you resist something so sweet!!!
OH (randomness), yesterday Weston was crying and Briley came in and started singing to him....what was she singing you ask...." I thought I was calming you dwon, I thought I was calming you down"!!! I couldn't help but laugh it was so cute!! She is the best big sister!!! She is always playing with him and when he cries she tries to calm him by singing, playing, or acting like the goofball she is!!
I am just so blessed to have the family I do, I have a wonderful husband who takes care of us, and two beautiful and healthy children, I can't complain!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Video to make you Smile!

Here is a video of Briley dancing to "Love grows where my RoseMary goes" by Edison Lighthouse
I love this video, it starts off slow but she starts moving!! My little dancing queen!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Weston's Birth Story

Well I know this is very late but I have the time...for now to write about how it all went down!!!
The date is Aug. 23, 2009 its 2am. I have just gotten up to go to the bathroom, I notice a gush of something. Assuming my water just broke I call the OB department and they tell me to come right down (its a 30 minute drive). I try to call my neighbor because she is supposed to watch Briley for us while we go, but she doesn't answer her phone. We take Briley with us, no big deal she most likely will sleep through the whole thing (she ended up being awake the whole time).
Well anyway on with the story.
By the time we got to the hospital(around 2:30am) my contractions were every couple minutes and getting stronger. The nurse who checked us in asked if I wanted a wheelchair to the OB department, I said no I can walk...That was the longest dang walk in my life!! I had to stop every time I had a contraction, and then in between the contractions I was trying to hurry down the hallway so I wouldn't have to stop again!! Finally we make it there, and they get me in a room. My nurse comes in to check to see how far along I am and while doing so she gets this shocked look on her face. I asked what I was and she tells me I am fully dilated!! A million things are running through my head at this point...mostly that I am not going to be getting the epidural I wanted!!! I started crying, Justin and the nurse assure me that I can do this. In the meantime the nurse has paged the dr.(my dr was out of town so I got who was on call and he was wonderful!!!)
But my nurse can not believe I have dilated that quickly so she decides she is going to check me again just to make sure. And thank goodness she did I was only 6cm!! She couldn't feel the other side the first time she checked. Well Dr. S gets there and the nurse tells him that I am only 6cm. My dr. was so nice that he sat in my room and squeezed the whole bag of fluid into me so I could get my epidural more quickly (you can't have an epidural until you have a whole bag a fluid in you). At this point in time my contractions are getting worse, I just remember to keep breathing with everyone which makes it bearable (when I was in labor with Briley I tensed up with every contraction making it feel 10x worse). By the time I get my epidural I am 8-9 cm! If the anesthesiologist had come any later I defiantly would not have gotten my epidural! Now its 5:30am and my nurse comes to check on me once again. I am finally fully dilated!!!
We decide to do some pushing, but I am still really numb from getting the epidural, so we decide to let the baby come down some more before I get into the "real" pushing. I was allowed to give little pushes when I felt like it with my hor goes by. My nurse comes in to check the baby see how he is doing, and he is fine. He is coming down a little bit, but not enough to warrant me pushing like crazy to get him out! So we wait some more for him to come down. A few hours later, I am feeling more in my legs, and think that I can push. My dr. comes in (its 11am!!) and he says were getting this baby out now! They had to cut me and use the vacuum on him but finally after 30 min of pushing, Weston
was born at 11:38am weighing a healthy 7lbs 7oz, and he was 19 inches long!! They laid him on my chest right after I delivered him, and I am telling you know that is the most amazing feeling in the world (I didn't get all this with Briley, she was an emergency c-section, in which they put me completely under) I started crying, and Weston cried for the first time, Its such and overwhelming feeling, you can't possibly imagine unless you have had a child before. Justin was right there holding my hand through the whole thing, and I had my little princess in the corner and the couch playing the ds!
I couldn't have asked for a better labor. I would do it all over again if it would be just like that!
Now we are set, we have our little princess and our little prince! My family is complete!!

Another "sleepless" night

So little dude has not been sleeping in his bed very well the last week and a half. He will sometimes sleep for an hour or two if I am lucky, then wakes up and refuses to go back in his bed. So I end up usually sleeping on the couch with him every night, which is not comfy to lay on anymore since it broke!
Well last night I thought I will lay in bed with him for an hour and then lay him back in his bed...that never happened, everytime he woke up he wanted to eat, or to have something in his mouth to pacify him.
So needless to say we slept together the whole night. We kicked hubby out of the bed, because he had had enough of the tossing and turning so he went and slept on the couch.

I cannot wait till this little dude will sleep in his bed again! I love him dearly I just do not like to sleep with him.
We woke up at 7am and he of course is happy as a clam...mommy and daddy on the other hand are tired and cranky and want nothing more then to go back to bed!!! Here are some pictures of the little punk this morning (I bet he is thinking HAHA I got you again!)

What can I do son to get you back sleeping in your bed all night?! What?? Anything I will do it!! Mommy just wants to sleep for more then 2 hours in a night! Please be a good boy and sleep in your bed tonight...ALL night!! You could even wake up at 6am, and I would be happy!!!
Here's hoping for a better night tonight!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentines Day

After years of trying to get Justin to church with us (and after being inactive myself for awhile) we have started to attend church as a family! I cant tell you how wonderful it is to have my husband want to go to church with us!! It is such a blessing and I know that our Heavenly Father does answer prayers!! On Valentines Day we all were able to go together, one of the few days Justin had off! Briley made us a Valentine card and was able to wear her new dress!! She looked so adorable!! I did her hair in a french braid heart!!!With her bow that my very talented neighbor Robyn made!! **I am so lucky to have her!!** If anyone would like bows made for their little ones or friends, please let me know and send me the colors you would like!! Check her out here!! And here!!!We went to dinner later that night, went to Don Pedros...because thats the best restaurant we have out here!! It was good though, we took the kids with us, because frankly it would not have been the same without them! It was a very good evening, Weston behaved himself all throughout dinner *thank goodness*!! Most the time we have to hold him because he hates to be in his seat!! And I think he is starting to teethe so he can be a cranky butt at times! But we still love him!!
All in all it was a great day, church, dinner, and then some R&R!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Last week we all took a trip to Denver, CO. Justin had to take a class for work and we all tagged along! The kids and I were stuck in the hotel room for a couple days until I learned of some fun things to do. I took Briley to the Butterfly are some of my favorite pictures that we took there

The butterflies were so pretty, and fun to watch they were all over the place. Briley had a blast and Weston could care less!!
It was so humid in the pavilion, it was like you were in the rainforest!! Briley kept getting excited everytime she would spot another butterfly "MOMMY I SEE ONE!! LOOK THERE!!!"
I cant tell you how beautiful it was in there, If you ever go to Denver check it out, they also have creepy crawlies!! and sea creatures!! I'll post those a little later.