Saturday, March 27, 2010

2nd cup of joe

I sooo needed an extra cup of coffee this morning. It is my drug of choice. I do not have a morning without it, sometimes I can't even function without it! 
I think I am a functioning coffee-holic!! 
Now, what has been happening this week...Weston is sleeping better...only waking once or twice a night to nurse. I swear my son is a milk-aholic. He would rather have the boob then anything else.
Briley has been over at her friends house most this week. 
 Justin wanted to buy this  HUGE Dodge mega cab diesel with a lift and BIG off-road tires. But I think he found something better in AZ.
I am procrastinating cleaning the house, we have someone coming to look at it tonight.
Our landlord still sucks!
Our make shift garden is growing!!!
These are our green beans! and tomatoes!
our green onions and radishes 
Brileys pansies and fuzzy face sunflowers!!
Justin's Jalapenos!
It is so fun to be growing our own vegetables!! I hope they all grow well and we can eat them!! 
Once we get into our new place they will be ready to go outside! I cant wait, we all are very excited! I hope that growing our own veggies will help Briley try some new things, like tomatoes!! She will not eat them well see what happens with growing our own!

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