Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentines Day

After years of trying to get Justin to church with us (and after being inactive myself for awhile) we have started to attend church as a family! I cant tell you how wonderful it is to have my husband want to go to church with us!! It is such a blessing and I know that our Heavenly Father does answer prayers!! On Valentines Day we all were able to go together, one of the few days Justin had off! Briley made us a Valentine card and was able to wear her new dress!! She looked so adorable!! I did her hair in a french braid heart!!!With her bow that my very talented neighbor Robyn made!! **I am so lucky to have her!!** If anyone would like bows made for their little ones or friends, please let me know and send me the colors you would like!! Check her out here!! And here!!!We went to dinner later that night, went to Don Pedros...because thats the best restaurant we have out here!! It was good though, we took the kids with us, because frankly it would not have been the same without them! It was a very good evening, Weston behaved himself all throughout dinner *thank goodness*!! Most the time we have to hold him because he hates to be in his seat!! And I think he is starting to teethe so he can be a cranky butt at times! But we still love him!!
All in all it was a great day, church, dinner, and then some R&R!!

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