Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Last week we all took a trip to Denver, CO. Justin had to take a class for work and we all tagged along! The kids and I were stuck in the hotel room for a couple days until I learned of some fun things to do. I took Briley to the Butterfly Pavilion...here are some of my favorite pictures that we took there

The butterflies were so pretty, and fun to watch they were all over the place. Briley had a blast and Weston could care less!!
It was so humid in the pavilion, it was like you were in the rainforest!! Briley kept getting excited everytime she would spot another butterfly "MOMMY I SEE ONE!! LOOK THERE!!!"
I cant tell you how beautiful it was in there, If you ever go to Denver check it out, they also have creepy crawlies!! and sea creatures!! I'll post those a little later.

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