Tuesday, September 6, 2011


So I missed yesterdays challenge, I was super busy canning tomato soup (SOO yummy) and then had the neighbors over for a BBQ! SO I combined Day 4 and 5 together today!! I have to say my microwave and oven and kitchen window/sliding back door look amazing!!

 I even cleaned out the track piece, that was NASTY! I can not believe how much gunk I got out of there. The windows and blinds were cleaned as well.
Then you have the oven, which I HATE to clean. All the baked on goodies at the bottom of it!! FUN! I went and bought new drip pans, because after scrubbing the old ones and not getting clean like I wanted them to be, I gave up!

So now I have the wonderful task of making a list of priorities (hence the title of the post). So here it is!!!

1. God- I want to have a better relationship with him. I want to have daily personal prayer(morning and night) Also, family and meal prayer.
My work in progress- Read scriptures daily at least 15 minutes. And Pray daily, personal and family.

2. My Husband- I want to be a loving and caring wife. To be supportive of him and things that he does(wants to do). Be the best wife and friend to him.
My work in progress- Try not to be the nagging wife. And be loving and kind.

3. Children- I want to spend more time with them (together and one on one) I would like to have "date nights" with them ideally once a week, or however often time allows. Be the best mom, always be supportive.
My work in progress- Speak kindly, try not to "yell"/raise my voice at them. Work hard at getting my home in order so that I can be freed up to spend more time with them and not have to worry about all that needs to be done.

4. Home- I want a clean home-warm and welcoming. Somewhere you can put your feet up! A place my children feel love and feel safe. A haven for our family.
My work in progress- Put off my laziness(which I have a LOT of! :)) Putting family first by taking care of our home.

5. Personal- I want to have time to do things that I love reading, riding my horses, working out..etc.
My work in progress- Take the time to do things I enjoy.
And that's it, my list of priorities!

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