Monday, March 14, 2011

Coupons, COUPONS, CoUpOnS

Oh wow, it has truly been FOREVER since my last post. ALOT has happened. But lets just fill you in on recent stuff! 
A month or so ago I watched this show on TLC "Extreme Couponing" (GREAT show) it followed 4 people as they got their coupons (clipping sites..or my favorite DUMPSTER diving!), planned their shopping trips, and loaded tons of products into their 1...10 carts!! And then came CHECK out!! I could not believe how much these people bought for just dollars!! I was INSPIRED to say the least. SO I called my mother in law (who coupons...REALLY WELL), she gave me some tips, and then I went straight to work!! I went out and bought my coupons, cut them, organized them, and started looking for deals! CHEAP deals!!!
I bought ALL this for ONLY $23.66. I SAVED $53.53!! That's what I am talking about!! I bought ro*tel tomatoes, Progresso soup, Red Baron Pizza, Hebrew National hot dogs, and Chex mix. I was SOOO scared when I walked into the store, I was nervous on how it would all play out. But at the end of check out I was flabbergasted! I couldn't believe how much I had just saved!! It was a total adrenaline rush. I was HOOKED, there was no way I was not going to do this again!
So since then I have been on numerous shopping trips, some AMAZING, and some ok. I have gotten toothpaste for free or under $1.00 I have gotten razors for $3.00, and I am talking the full sets (see below). I have also got 4 16.3 oz Skippy peanut butter jars for $2.00 total!!!
I got the baby wash, and lotion for FREE, I got all the motrin PM for FREE!! As well as the Colgate toothpast ( I actually made money on that one) The diapers I paid around $5 bucks for!
I do most my shopping at our local Smiths and Walgreens. I love to coupon! It is my new drug of choice! I have some of the ladies in town either clipping coupons/ or wanting to start! I say WHY NOT! We have to buy groceries, why not buy them at ROCK BOTTOM prices!!?? Keep all the money you will(have) save(d) and put it towards a family vacation, or a nice evening out with your husband/wife.
I NEVER in a million years thought I would coupon! I don't do it because were hurting for money (my husband makes almost 6 digits a year) I do it because I am going to buy those products anyway. I want to be able to buy a multitude of them at the same time without paying an arm and leg for it! The stores get reimbursed for the coupon + a handling fee! So they aren't losing money...BUT we are if we aren't using COUPONS!! Think about it a newspaper here costs $2.00 I buy 4-6 every Sunday that's $8-$12 a week on HUNDREDS of dollars in coupons...MOST of which I use! I save so much, and I love it! SO does my husband! I have been able to stock up in food and other necessities. FOR So much cheaper then had I bought it when it wasn't on sale!
I have just begun my journey in the couponing world. I plan on doing this for as long as I can! I love it and I am ADDICTED!!

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