Thursday, April 14, 2011

A hard decision...

I know we all got you on April Fool with saying Justin had been offered a position with NHP... But last night he called me from work and said he has the hardest decision to make of his life. He got called and they offered him the job!! YIPPEE!!! I was so stoked, nervous, sad, happy. It would be such a wonderful thing to go back home to Nevada, but we would be leaving our friends here in Vernal. Briley would leave the school she goes to and all her friends. We might not be able to take our horses, because we don't know where we could keep them out there for 6 months till we found a place of our own. This past year here has been one of the best! We love our ward, and all the members, we have wonderful, amazing friends and neighbors. This is going to be a hard decision. Lots of praying are in store!!! I know that what is meant to be will be. And it's one of those things that if he doesn't take the job he will always wonder what if. So we will be talking about this probably ALOT until we come to a mutual agreement on what to do!! Wish us luck!! I hope we make the right decision...Did I mention my husband will look GREAT in a uniform!!! HOTT STUFF!!!

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