Friday, November 14, 2008

Love of Leaves!!

Briley and I went to Caliente the other day and we played at grandma's. It was so much fun!! All the colors,and leaves falling from the trees, the coolness of the days makes for a beautiful day!! Just take a look at some of our pics!!
Briley very much enjoyed piling the leaves in a big heap and jumping in!! I remember myself as a kid loving to do the very same thing she loves! I of course was right there with her, piling them up and jumping into the center of the ever so carefully set leaves!!! 
When I thought there was enough "Mommy we need more!!" "Ok babycakes. come help me get some more!" "OK MOMMY" **with so much enthusiasm!**
"Are you ready?" "uh huh" "1..2..3..JUMP!!"...
**Laughing**..**more laughing**
"Mommy this is SO MUCH FUN!!, Lets do it again"

Little did my princess know that I had something up my sleeve for her!! 
I was raking up as many leaves as I could....
I told her that grandma wanted to get a picture of her...which was true!!
I had my own little pile set aside to throw on top of her!! 
Which you will see in the pictures that follow!!
We just love this time of year, its so much fun, and it doesn't get anywhere close to 100 degrees!!! 

This is her posing for grandma, I am behind her grabbing my pile!!
**sneekee mommy!**

she is not expecting this!!!
It was so funny to see her face after I drop this pile on her!!

This was such a fun day! We had so much fun playing outside, and grandma loved to watch!!
too bad daddy wasn't there to play with us.

I am so happy!! I love to play with my daughter. I Love my husband, and we cannot wait to add on to our family!!
I cant wait till there is enough snow on the ground to make snow angels, and snowmen!!

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